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    pineconesPinecone syrup is made of fresh or frozen green pinecones of dwarf Siberian pine. Cones are boiled in sugar syrup with or without edible organic acids, pectin and spices.

    Fresh or quick-frozen cones are sorted manually, forest rubbish is removed. The syrup is cooked in a vacuum evaporating assembly. Pinecones mixed with sugar and other ingredients are heated up to 90°С with constant stirring for not less than 30 minutes until sugar is completely dissolved. After that, the syrup is evaporated under vacuum at temperature 60°С. The product is ready when syrup changes its body and dry solids weight ratio is not less than 55%.

    It’s possible to boil syrup without vacuum evaporating unit, but in this case the general amount of sugar is separeted in three parts which are added  gradually during boiling process until the final product is of required characteristics.

    Syrup is stored in glass or plastic containers.