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    mushroom-976592_1280Edible mushrooms (first of all, birch boletus, orange-cap boletus and cep) can be found everywhere in Kamchatka. They are easy to find in forests of the central and the southern parts of the peninsula. Because of it’s original chemical compound, the mushroom’s an important low-calorшс food product, which holds a great number of valuable nutrients.

    Fresh mushrooms can be stored for 4-8 hours at room temperature or up to three days at 0°С temperature. Every mushroom species are processed separately from the other. They are sorted manually. The final product consists only of small and firm mushrooms, old and saggy mushrooms are discard.

    Stipes and caps bigger than standard size are cut in pieces, which are of 4-6 centimeters diameter. Cleaned and washed mushrooms are dried with blowing air and then frozen in a blast chiller at temperature -30°С until inner temperature of the product is -18°С.

    The major secret of making good quality frozen mushrooms is in rapid decrease of product inner temperature down to -18°С. It’s very important to overpass the level of maximum crystallization quickly, due to it’s the only way to preserve mushroom structure, nutrition value and quality. Quick-frozen mushrooms has the same flavor as the fresh ones.