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    blueberry2Quick-frozen berries production process is similar no matter what kind of berries is processed, be it either cranberry, cowberry, bilberry or sweetberried honeysuckle fruits. First of all comes the pre-frozing stage, when berries are cooled down to the temperature of 0, +2°C. At this stage moisture from the surface of berries is removed.

    At the frozing stage berries are sent to either a blast chiller, a quick-freezing tunnel or a freezing chamber. Berries stay there for a period of minimum 30 minutes up to four hours at temperature from -30°С down to -42°С until inner temperature of the product is -18°С.

    Berries are cleaned manually or automatically. Small, unripened and overripened berries are removed. Powerful magnets remove all metal contamints. Leaves and forest litter are removed during air treatment.

    During this stage berries get warmed up, so the next stage is post-freezing. Berries are sent back to freezers to the temperature -40°С. When the temperature inside the product reaches -18°С, berries are sent to special units for stalks removal.

    At the final stage of processing berries are checked electronically by optical, lazer and infrared cameras at a separation guide assembly.

    Quick-frozen berries must be preserved at temperature not higher than  -18°С and relative humidity less than 95%.

    Expiration date is set nine months later than the date of processing.

    The product can be stored in retail at temperature -12±1°С, but not longer than 7 days. Thawing and re-freezing is prohibited. Thawed products are not for sale.