We are the Association “Kamchatka NTFP”. We live and work in one of the most remote places of the Russian Far East. Kamchatka forests are rich in wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, and we harvest them to share with you. If you want to know more about us, then you need to check the Association section of our website. The Kamchatka section is devoted to this wonderful region in which we work and live, and which you maybe would like to visit someday. The Project section tells about the joint project of WWF-Russia and Citi Foundation aimed at improving the socio-economic environment and living conditions for people in remote villages by creating new legal jobs as an alternative to grey- and black-market jobs, like poaching. For three year WWF-Russia and Citi Foundation have worked together in Kamchatka supporting small communities and family businesses.

We cherish and follow traditional recipes of indigenous people of Kamchatka. However, surely we implement advanced technologies. In our work we use dehydrators, drying chambers, blast freezer rooms and other modern machinery to meet the high quality standards. For more information about technical devised we use and procedures we follow, please visit our Technology section. Thanks to technical innovations we preserve all nutrients and high quality of raw products. For more information about our products check the Products section.

BlueberrySweetberried honeysuckle, ramson, bracken and other wild plants are not ordinary food in the European part of Russia. If you don’t know what dishes you can make of wild plants, please visit our Recipes section. There is much information about exotic dishes, which you can make of berries, mushrooms and herbs harvested in Kamchatka forests.